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Lawn Care - Inorganic Fences!

lawn care

Inorganic fencing is just as easy to maintain as organic fencing, but can be more dramatic and offer instant privacy. Inorganic fencing includes: wooden fencing (organic material, inorganic feel), stone fencing, brick fencing, and chain link fencing. There are plastic fences out there, but they aren’t usually used by those who want an elegant lawn.

Wooden fencing includes picket fences, tall flat topped fences, or short clapboard fences. These styles are country-like in appearance and can be bought in pre-made sections.

While these fences can offer instant privacy, they may be difficult to maintain as they will require yearly maintenance including paint or stain, water protectant clear coat, and replacing pieces that may fall off or break during the winter season. But wooden fencing can give your lawn charm, and if this is your purpose for a fence, then a little extra work won’t harm you.

Stone fencing is usually lower than other forms of fencing and is more for decorative purposes than for noise reduction. You can add color and establish your lawn’s parameters with a stone fence.

During the year, you will have to weed around the stone fence in order to keep it clean and you may need to have section of it repaired every few years depending on how the weather is. Other than that, stone fences are low-maintenance and attractive.

Brick fencing will give your lawn a garden-like feel that will keep nosey neighbors out while providing additional privacy as well. This type of fencing should be installed by professional brick layers who will be able to guarantee a straight fence.

There are few drawbacks to a solid brick fence. Cost is one of them and weeding around the fence is another. Since keeping a brick clean is very important because its clean lines, you will have to make sure the area is weed-free and clean at all times.

Good old chain-link fencing. It’s durable, inexpensive, and will give your lawn the ‘lived-in’ look. No, seriously, this type of fencing is not recommended for those who want to show their lawns off to the neighbors. But if you have dogs or small children, you may want to consider this type of fencing at least until your children are old enough to know not to leave the yard. Many people use chain-link fencing in their backyards and choose another type of fencing for the front.

As you can see, you have many options to choose from when closing off your lawn and giving yourself more privacy.

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lawn care

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