Thursday, April 22, 2010

Plant a Free Tree

Help us Plant 1 Million Trees!

Do you know that the Rainforests are being decimated by unlawful logging activities?

Do you know that Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere will increase hugely as a result?

Do you know that the Rainforest is home to about 70% of animal, bird, insect and plant life on Earth which are now at risk of extinction?

Do you know how important the Rainforest is to the whole Ecosystem of the Planet?

Take off those blinkers and earplugs, settle back and listen.

Fact 1. Trees provide almost 1/3rd of the oxygen we need to breath.

Fact 2. Trees convert Carbon Dioxide in the air into solid carbon and store it safely in their trunks.

Fact 3. Trees prevent soil erosion through their root systems which bind the soil together and provide protection from the wind.

Fact 4. Trees protect the Ecosystem by providing shelter beneath their foliage.

Fact 5. Trees help to reduce ground temperature.

Fact 6. At the present rate of destruction, the Amazon Rainforest will all but disappear by 2030.

It's time we stopped talking about it and did something about it! A world without trees is the ultimate nightmare scenario. Now, many people say that under-developed Nations have a perfect right to try to Industrialise urgently in an attempt to improve living standards for their people and I have some sympathy with that. I mean it is clear that in the very first Industrial Revolution in England, Nature was given short shrift and the earth was savaged for coal and iron ore, and the "dark Satanic Mills" of legend introduced the concept of mass production and Factory conditions to the World.

Isn't it a bit hypocritical that having gone through that upheaval and having created our modern civilisation, we are now lecturing the under-developed world when they are trying to follow our exampleand improve their lot? The answer is yes to that, but with this caveat. We are now more acutely aware than ever before of the dangers outlined above and what I am proposing is that at the same time as Industrialising, we should also be actively replacing the resources we are depleting.

So, alongside Industrialisation, it is possible to restore huge areas of Rainforest if we have the will to do so. By planting trees in large numbers, we can recapture Carbon, restore the Ecostructure and as a by-product, provide work for local Communities.

Hope you enjoyed this Article. I would love to hear your comments... why not get in touch?

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