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Lawn Care - Organic Fences!

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If you want to block out the world, or at least your noisy neighbors, you should consider building a fence or putting up a hedge. This will give you privacy, reduce noise, and looks very attractive for most lawns. There are many different types of fencing. These include:

Wooden fencing
Chain link fencing
Stone fencing
Bamboo fencing
Brick fencing
Hedge fencing

Many people who want their lawn to appear as natural as possible usually opt for more organic fencing and will use plants instead of brick or stone. And, yes, even though wood is organic, many people associate it with non organic materials because of the weight and height of the structures.

The type of fence you choose to build should reflect your personal style as well as accomplish your needs. If you are looking for privacy, then you should choose a fence that people can neither see through or over. Many fences are at least six feet tall.

Organic Fencing

If you choose an organic fence made from bamboo, evergreen trees, or hedges which are made from a variety of trees, you will have to maintain these fences as they are alive.

Bamboo fencing is very dense and will grow very quickly. It is attractive to look at, but can be expensive depending on how much you will need. Bamboo needs to be trimmed back at least once a year in order to keep it from fall over. You will have to monitor the bamboo to make sure that the stalks are still standing especially after a rain storm or heavy wind. Though durable, bamboo can still fall over. This is a great choice if you have rock gardens, smaller lawn, and want to create a retreat-like quality.

Evergreen trees are another popular form of organic fencing. You can line up the trees so that as they grow, they will fill in the spaces with their lush branches. Evergreen trees are in bloom year round, which add to the beauty of your lawn each season.

There is one major drawback to using evergreen trees. The cost of planting mature trees that will offer instant privacy are very expensive. Depending on the number you will need, you may have to buy younger trees. This means that you will not feel complete privacy for a few years.

Hedges are similar to evergreen in trees in that they will take a few years to grow. Hedges are also more labor intensive than bamboo and Evergreen trees. In order to maintain their shape, you will have to trim them every few months. This is may be more difficult than it seems. If you want clean lines, you should consider hiring an expert or you may end up with sloping hedges.

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