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Lawn Care - Decorating Your Lawn with Shrubs!

lawn care


When most people think of shrubs, they think of green bushes or low lying plants. But there are many different kinds of shrubs. Some of the most common include:

Mountain Laurel

These shrubs are very colorful, yet hearty. They will add color and variety to your lawn, and create a contrast between the grass and flowers to create a harmonious and pleasing aspect.

When planting shrubs, you should prepare the area as you would a flower bed. You will be buying small shrubs that will grow over time. Planting is the same as for flowers. Make sure you are packing the soil firmly. For certain types of shrubs, you may need to add fertilizers and nutrients to the soil.

When deciding where to place your shrubs, you should keep them close to your house, near a pile of rocks, or group them together. Lone shrubs make look out of place on the lawn.

Shrubs are used to accent existing plants, trees, and rocks on the lawn. Use them for that extra burst of color.

As with planting any type of greenery, you should properly prepare the soil first. This will reduce your weed population, allow the new plants to adapt to their new surroundings, and will also give your lawn a clean, polished look.

Planting trees and shrubs will add a lot to your lawn. It will complete the look you are going for and will establish your property as a growing lawn. You will be very pleased with the results.

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lawn care

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