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Lawn Compaction and Aerating Techniques

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Even though this lawn problem is not as scary as lawn growth, compaction occurs when the soil is deprived of oxygen due to improper aeration. This can prohibit plants and grass from growing in the area. You may have seen compaction before because it looks like the lawn has a few bald spots.

Natural aeration occurs when earthworms and other underground creatures push up through the soil to create a chamber for oxygen to pass through. But sometimes when the soil is of a poor quality, earthworms cannot survive. The soil will become hard and dry.

Below you will learn about aeration and ways that you can avoid compaction so that you will not have a balding lawn.


Breathe life into your lawn through aeration. If your lawn is suffering from thatch, compaction, and other issues, you will have to start aerating your lawn. This simply means that you will have to poke holes into your lawn periodically in order for it to breathe. Like human beings, soil needs oxygen and nutrients in order for it to sustain life. Plants and other life forms need nutrients from the soil in order to survive (good plants and bad, unfortunately).

You can aerate your lawn in a few ways:

Use Your Feet - If you enjoy stomping around wearing cleats, you can aerate your soil. You may appear crazy to your neighbors, but you will be the only crazy person on the street with a beautiful, healthy lawn!

Stomping around on your lawn every few weeks will help keep the soil aerated. You should make sure that you remove all the thatch and other debris from the lawn before aerating. That way, you will be able to reach the soil easily.

Rent a Lawn Aerator – This handy device will help if you have severe thatch and cannot remove it. A lawn aerator will pierce the soil and remove 2 to 3 inch pieces of it in order to create holes. This device will create deeper holes than your cleats.

Hire a Landscaper – If your lawn is just too full of rocks, thatch, and other obstacles, you should consider hiring a landscaper who will remove the thatch, work around the rocks, and aerate the lawn usually in just one day. This is a good option if you have just moved into the home and want to begin growing new grass and other plants. Starting with a clean slate will always help to motivate you and the lawn.

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