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Lawn Care - Lawn Soil Content and Types of Grass in Your Lawn!

lawn care

Soil content

This refers to the color, smell, and feel of the soil. Since soil can vary greatly from home to home, you will need to do your research to find out how your lawn’s soil measures up.

You should have your soil analyzed in order to determine the pH level, nutrient level, and chemical properties. If you are not a gardener or a chemist, you can call your local gardening service who can take a sample. You may have to wait a few weeks for the results, however.

The soil content is a very important part of cultivating a good-looking lawn. Once you know more about the soil content, you will be able to choose flowers and plants that will survive, learn about ways to enhance existing soil, and also find ways to add nutrients to the soil so that the grass will be able to grow.

Many times adding fresh soil to existing soil will help bring your lawn back to life. This will require you to make sure your lawn is watered and that you don’t mow the grass too often when trying to get the grass to grow. Over time, the soil content will improve. Throughout this book, you will learn ways to take care of your soil.

Types of Grass

This is another issue that will require your immediate attention. While you have no control over the types of grass that has grown in the lawn, now that it is your lawn, you will be able to get rid of certain types of grass and start all over. There is a nasty type of grass that will suffocate flowers, plants, and other types of grass just for the fun of it. This type of grass is called Crab grass. It resembles straw and can quickly invade a lawn and take it over.

Depending on how overrun your lawn is with unattractive grass, you may have to remove the grass and begin again. Crab grass is very difficult to remove and may require the use of chemicals. After removing this grass, you can reseed or use sod in order to make your lawn grow faster.

Other types of grass include:


If you want a lush green lawn, you will have to spend the majority of your time removing and replanting in order to achieve this type of lawn. But if you are after a more garden style type lawn or a lawn that has almost no grass at all, you may be able to leave certain types of grass alone. This will save some and money.

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lawn care

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