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Lawn Care - Removing Nutgrass!

lawn care


Unlike thatch, these grass-like weeds will spread all over your lawn. They may even invade your driveway, walkway, and sidewalks. Removing these weeds is a little trickier since they are heartier than other kinds of weeds. Pulling them out at the roots can be a lot harder than it would seem. With a network of underground roots, these weeds can cling to the ground for a long time.

This weed also thrives in areas where drainage is poor. If you are seeing nutgrass in your yard, you should look into creating a drainage system that will remove excess water from the soil. Nutgrass can be identified by yellow or red flowers which will be small in size. While this weed looks like a harmless flower, it is not. It can spread very quickly and take over your lawn. The problem with nutgrass is that when you pull it out, tiny nutlets will be deposited which will begin to grow. You will see new nutgrass within days of weeding.

The only way to deal with this problem is to use a weed killer. You will have to spray the weed killer on existing plants at least six times before they will die. Repeat this process until the weed is gone.

When nutgrass is present, you should not:

Aerate or till the soil as this will cause seeds to disperse Pull out the weed Cut off the top of the weed

Removing nutgrass will take time and patience. You will have to use the weed killer for a few weeks in order to see results. If you have to mow the lawn, try to avoid the areas where the nutgrass is growing, as mowing over them may spread the seeds to other parts of the lawn.

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