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Lawn Care - Removing Johnson Grass!

lawn care

Johnson Grass

Johnson grass is a tall weed that thrives in places where there is a lot of water present. Mostly, this weed grows alongside river and stream banks, but could grow on your lawn if you have puddling or other drainage issues or you live near a body of water.

This weed will grow very tall and is oftentimes mistaken for other plants. If you suspect you have Johnson grass growing in your yard, you should research its characteristics or ask someone who knows about plants before trying to remove it.

Some tips about removing Johnson grass from your lawn:

Pulling these weeds after they have grown for a while is almost impossible. If you cut the weed down, you will only succeed in prohibiting its growth for a short time. The weed will regenerate if the root is not removed as well. But if you remove as much of the weed as you can repeatedly, you will kill it. This method can take a long time, however.

Tilling the soil and aerating before each growing season will help you remove weeds before they have a chance to grow. This will work for all weeds in your lawn.

Weeding a few days a week will help you catch Johnson grass before it grows tall enough. Watering the soil will make removal much easier.

Most weed killers will not work on hearty weeds like Johnson grass. But you can give it a try if all else fails. Try to spray the weed killer on the base of the weed without spraying other plants that are around it.

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