Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lawn Pesticides - How to Reduce their Use!

Correct Mowing and Watering Technique

An excellent way to reduce the need for pesticides - and we're all "green" (forgive the pun) nowadays, is to grow the Lawn Taller than you would expect. Tall grass provides shade! That is the Secret!

* Shade cuts down weed germination, such as Crabgrass!

* Tall grass has larger roots, which increases the uptake of nutrients and moisture.

* Tall grass is better able to withstand Summer heat.

* Correct mowing and the use of natural fertilizers can, by themselves keep a Lawn Healthy and thick.

So, cut down the use of pesticides and let the grass grow.

* Set your Mower Blades to at least 3 inches for regular mowing.

* Four times a year reduce this to 2 inches - generally in the Spring and Autumn. This will prevent and remove Fungus.

* Always leave grass clippings on the Lawn. This will provide a natural mulch which further reduces the need for fertilizer.

Pesticides are in fact harmful to Human Health. They can result in decomposition and lead to thatch, apart from the dangers to children and pets.

* When mowing ensure that the Mower blade is sharp.

* Mow when the Sun is at its lowest. This is usually in the early morning or more preferably in the cool of the evening.

* Make sure the grass is dry.

Mowing with a dull Mower blade will tear the grass roots, turning the grass brown. Mowing when the grass is wet will have the same effect and leave the grass more susceptible to disease.

Correct Watering

In these days of Water Conservation it is important to water only when needed. This should be every few days as required, not every day. Try to water later in the evening or early morning. Water deeply, but there is no need to water if there has been recent rainfall. Only water lightly if a fertilizer has just been applied.

Watering promotes growth during the Summer and ensures a thicker Lawn which will reduce pest problems.

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