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Lawn Tasks - September to December!



September is the time when you will be planting fall plants and also getting your lawn ready for the wintertime. You should mow your lawn a few more times and water it to make sure that it is healthy. You may experience more rain, so watering should become less frequent.

You will also experience more wind which will start knocking the leaves from the trees.

In September, you should:

Remove old mulch and replace it with new mulch

Mow the lawn

Weed the lawn

Water the lawn

Rake the lawn

Make sure drainage systems are working properly

Store away the lawn mower at the end of the month

Repair any problems in the lawn mower, mulching machine, or tiller

Tidy up the shed and garage by throwing away unnecessary items

Get ready to plant fall flowers and plants

Use fall fertilizer for cooler season grass

Till the soil in your spring plant and flower beds

Turn Perennial plants into mulch

Plant Annual plants and flowers

September can turn cold quickly, so it is best to get the hardest jobs done quickly at the beginning of the month. This is the season to make sure that you have everything you will need for the winter months.

Items you may need:

Winter fertilizer

String and small posts for trees

Covers for lawn structures

Rakes, gloves, mulching machine



In October, the leaves will begin to fall in large numbers. If you like to make your own mulch, then you will be in luck during this time of year. Rent or buy a small mulching machine and you will be all set. Making mulch is very easy and will save you money.

In October, you should:

Rake up leaves

Turn leaves into mulch

Spread mulch all over the lawn

Secure small trees and shrubs with posts and string

Trim plants and shrubs

Check for drainage problems

Make sure fall plants and flowers are growing properly

Add fertilizer where necessary

Remove fruit from the bottom of any fruit trees and add to mulch or compost pile

Clean up any leaf piles laying around as animals will make nests out of them

October can be a beautiful time of year with the many colors and plants that are blooming. You will still have to take care of them as you would your Perennial plants, but you will be able to let them grow without having to worry too much about weeds or insects.

When designing your fall lawn, you should keep in mind that you will only be able to fix minor grass problems as the ground will become harder as the cold weather settles in. If you have not aerated, you should now before it is too late.

Enjoy your fall lawn now because you will not have too long before it will be gone. While a winter lawn is also beautiful, it is just not the same.


With the leaves almost gone, you will not have to rake as much. November is the time when your lawn care will begin to slow down. You will not have as much to do and you will be able to relax and enjoy what you have created.

In November, you should:

Clean up any clutter on your lawn

Secure all lawn equipment for the wintertime in a shed or garage

If you still need to repair any lawn equipment, you should do so now

Check on smaller shrubs to see if they will need reinforcement

Dig up bulbs and other seeds to plant for the springtime

Lay down mulch if necessary

This is a short list, but the items on it are important. You should complete them because they will help during the rest of the year.


During December, you may not want to have to much do with your lawn. This is understandable. But you should go outside and check on plants that are small and may need your help to make it to the springtime.

In December, you should:

Assess all remaining plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers

Reinforce any plants that are falling over

Make sure that plants are safe against the snow

Check on tree branches

Take a good look at the grass


Since water and ice can cause cracking in your lawn structures, you should keep an eye on those as well. The winter may look peaceful, but in reality, your lawn still needs your care.

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