Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Is there Anybody Out There? - Please Talk to Me!

I have been sending out this gardening blog in a variety of styles for some years now. I have produced well over 250 Articles, photos and videos on gardening topics that I thought might appeal to a gardening audience. I have written over 110 Articles, published in Ezine Article Directories.Throughout that time, despite getting regular traffic to the site very few people have bothered to take the time to leave me a message or comment - good, bad or indifferent!

That has been very discouraging I must admit. Makes me wonder if there really is anyone out there reading this at all or am I merely deluding myself? So an appeal from me - drop me a comment or two. Let me know what you think of the site. Tell me about yourself. Ask me a question. Let me know what gardening problems you need answers for! Talk to me - let me know there is someone out there taking an interest.

In short is E.T. really out there or am I wasting my time producing this Blog?



Anonymous said...

I just read your blog post on dandelions; useful information. I have never visited your blog before but thought I would say that it was useful to me.
I am in the camp that pulls dandelion heads, but would be interested in buying some kind of flame weeder or equivalent if I knew it would do the job.

BeckySharp said...

Hi Terry, I love the site. Loads of good information here. I came to the site while researching care for a ficus ginseng plant, and as a new gardener with a poor lawn and some aged roses I have found loads of value. Keep blogging. Maria

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