Sunday, March 14, 2010

Carnations and Mothers Day!

Well my friends, today is Mothering Sunday in the UK - Mother's Day. Sadly I lost my Mother some years ago - in 1969 to be precise - and still miss her dearly. Funny isn't it how you always regret the things you shouldn't have said or done and remember the things you should have said and done when they were with us.

Sadly that's the human condition I think - we never know when the Grim Reaper will appear over the horizon. Think about it, we are all of us merely one heartbeat away from meeting our God - (whatever or whoever that is for any individual). Concentrates the mind doesn't it. In this modern world we are so mollycoddled through our addiction to Consumerism that we seem to have forgotten that we are after all human and our time on this Earth is finite.

In earlier years, an acceptance of death was part of our daily living experience. We in the West didn't have the wonders of modern Science to protect us - modern drugs and medical advances have wiped out so many of the diseases that claimed lives so cheaply in earlier centuries, certainly in Western Society. I think we have forgotten that man, like plants is subject at the end of it all to the demands and strictures of Nature. We all have an allotted time and when it is up, we have to go!

Anyway, I simply wanted to say that I took some flowers to my Mother's grave this morning and chose to take a bouquet of Carnations. And that prompted me to put some notes together about that flower, which is extremely popular in the UK.

If sowing from seeds you should sow Carnation in cutting boxes round about now, in March. Set out the ensuing young plants as early as possible and nip off the centre of the plants so that they can branch out without restraint.

Carnations will also grow well from cuttings which are best taken round about Autumn time. Cuttings taken from the plant base are usually best and you should pot them and maintain them in a cool environment, about 45 to 50 Degrees F. Nip off the tops while growing in the pot, and keep them secure until it comes time to plant them out , usually early in April. Keep them moist while potted.

When you do start to plant out, plant into loose soil, which should be well manured and water in well. The plant does better in partly shaded conditions,
and you must keep pinching off the tops regularly, when they will bloom throughout the Summer months.

Flowers are usually taken up by September, when you can unearth them carefully, and pot them securely until root growth has begun. You will need to water well and moisturize the flower foliage regularly. You will add to the size of the main flowers by nipping off the side buds. All in all a plant well worth cultivating.

Hope you liked this Article. I would love to hear your comments!

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