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Lawn Care - Short List of Things To Do for your Lawn (March)!

Lawn Care



Usually in March, the rain will begin and continue until May or June. If you live in a region that experiences a lot of rain, this may not seem much different from how it normally is.

Use the rain to your advantage. It will cause the ground to soften, which means you can begin your spring lawn care regimen. During the month of March, you can aerate your soil, add nutrients, and remove that awful thatch.

If you have drainage problems, now is the time to take action.

Tasks that should be completed in March include:

Aerating soil

Removing thatch

Seeding the lawn

Creating a drainage system

Cleaning out existing drainage system

Checking out trees, plants, and shrubs

Planting in late March for some plants and flowers

Stocking up on lawn care supplies for upcoming season

During the month of March, you may become frustrated because of the limited amount of time you will have to spend in your yard due to the rain.

But many of these tasks can be completed in a day or two. Try to get out there when you can so that you do not fall behind and miss the beginning of the new growing season.

If you want, you can buy your plants early or choose which flowers you will want to plant. This will also help you stay on schedule.

March can be a strange month. While you should expect a lot of rain, you will also see sunshine. Although it will still be cold, you can get a lot of work accomplished if you budget your time correctly.

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