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Lawn Care - More about Weeds!

lawn care, gardening

As we have been discussing this week the problems of dealing with weeds, I came across this Article by Greg Pierce at which deals in detail with the subject. Get it right from the start folks and you will get your just rewards with a fine lawn.

Weed Control

Weeds germinate and grow during all seasons of the year. Because of this many people fail in trying to control the weeds themselves since they will use a weed control product in the Spring only and then wonder why they have weeds in the Summer. Weed control products need to be used regularly just like the regular fertilizing schedule.
Most people will use a "weed and feed" product that contains weed control products and fertilizer together. This is the easiest way to do both tasks. There are two types of weed control products. Pre-emergent and Post emergent. Pre-emergent products control weeds before they germinate and come up. Post emergent products kill existing weeds. This is another reason the average home owner will get discouraged after attempting weed control, often the wrong type of weed killer is used on the wrong weed. Good weed control is achieved only when you use the right product for the right weed at the right time.

A typical weed control program will be something like this: First application of the year in early Spring. Feb to Apr depending on where you live. This will be a pre-emergent product with fertilizer. The idea is to apply the pre-emergent herbicide approximately 30 days before the time that the weeds you are trying to control would come up. So by applying in Feb. you will keep any weeds from coming up that would normally be coming up in Mar. through May, depending on the product used.

Most weed control products will last around 60 days depending on how much rain falls on the product after it is applied. Excess rainfall will weaken the weed control and make it not last as long. Proper application is important since the product won't work unless you follow directions and apply it the way it should be done.

Always follow label instructions and never go by the old adage that if one ounce is good then 2 ounces will be really good. Applying twice the recommended amount of a weed control product than what is called for can kill all existing grass and weeds in your lawn and possibly prevent new grass seed from germinating for some time. After about 60 days, apply another round of Weed and Feed. This time you will use Fertilizer with Post Emergent Herbicide, this will kill weeds that have already come up and are showing above the soil. If your lawn is in fairly good shape weed wise, you shouldn't have many weeds left after the 2nd application. If you do, apply another round 60 days later and then a final round in the fall.

Spreading the applications out around 60 day intervals you should cover the season with 4 applications. Some people will put down 5 or even 6 applications but it depends on the product you are using. Always follow the label instructions for amount and frequency. Regardless of the brand or type of weed control you use it will take more than one application in the year to get control of weeds and keep them under control. Be patient.

Key Benefits

Less weeds means the grass will look smoother or more even

After you mow, with no weeds the grass will keep it's good looks

Your Turfgrass will be thicker with no competition from weeds

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lawn care, gardening

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