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Gardening - More Frequently Asked Questions!

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Q. The new leaves on my peach tree are all curled and bubbled and some of them are falling off. Why?

A. This is caused by a fungal disease called leaf curl. The tree must be sprayed with Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide at bud swell (when new buds show tips of colour). By the time the leaves show the damage it's too late to spray.

Q. The new leaves on my citrus tree are all twisted and curled. There are some wavy silver lines running through them. Should I use Leaf Curl Copper Fungicide?

A. No, this problem is caused by Citrus Leaf miner, an insect pest that mines its way through leaf tissue. Control by spraying regularly with a weak solution of PestOil or Yates White Oil, applied according to directions.

Q. I used to use Winter Oil to spray my fruit trees during winter but I can't buy it any more. Why not?

A. Yates White Oilcan be applied year round and has identical contents to the old Hortico Winter Oil. It can be used in just the same way.

Q. When is the best time to spray for fruit fly?

A. The best time to spray for Fruit Fly is when the fruit is just starting to turn from green to ripe. Consult the product label for full directions, and ensure the correct amount of applications are made to ensure fruit fly control.


Q. I've sprayed my lawn with Weed 'n' Feed but I wondered how long I'd have to wait before I can let my dogs on to the lawn?

A. As soon as the grass is dry the dogs can be allowed onto the lawn. Discourage them from eating any of the grass during the first week and then mow. Don’t use clippings as mulch unless composted for at least 6 months.

Q. I can't spray my Weed 'n' Feedclose to the garden beds. How do I break it down to use in an ordinary spray container?

A. Mix the chemical with water at a rate of 30:1 (thirty parts of water to one part of chemical).300 mls in 9 litres of water over 20sq m. This can then be applied using a sprayer or a watering can and sprinkle bar.

Q. What's the difference between Granular Weed 'n' Feed and the liquid hose-on Weed 'n' Feed?

A. Granular Weed 'n' Feed works on a salt-burn principle. When the salts are sprinkled over the lawn, more will collect on the flat leaves of the weeds than on the vertical blades of the grass. If left dry for two days the whole lawn will be burnt but the weeds will suffer a far greater burn than the grasses. After two days the salts are dissolved to become available to the remaining plants (i.e. the grass) as a fertiliser. Liquid hose-on Weed 'n' Feed combines a liquid lawn fertiliser with a selective broad-leafed herbicide for a one-step weed and feed application.

Q. What sort of lawn can I grow in the shade of a big tree?

A. Possibly no lawn at all. Grasses love sun and do best in as much sun as possible. Cool season grasses tend to have more shade tolerance but, obviously, are more suited to cooler climates. Turf type tall fescues (such as in Yates Lush Droughtsmart lawn seed) are reasonably shade tolerant. If grass always fades away in a particular part of the lawn, then it would be best to switch to paving or shade tolerant ground covers.

Q. Is winter a good time to sow lawn seed in colder areas?

A. No, lawn seed does not germinate well in cold soil.

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