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Lawn Care - Other Decorative Touches!

lawn care

Walkways and driveways may not be considered part of the lawn, but they are close enough to it to make a difference in how your lawn looks. You should choose the right color for your driveway as well as the materials that you want to use to create it. While stone and gravel driveways are nice, you will have to replace the gravel every few years and you will have to weed the driveway in order to keep it looking clean. Sometimes a black paved driveway will look the best as its clean lines will fit with your lawn. You will need to repave every few years, but you will never have to weed.

Your walkways are another interesting feature that you can use to your advantage. Choosing a stone or a brick walkway will add charm to your front lawn. There are hundreds of types of stone available for your to choose from. Pick one that is subtle and does not take away from your lawn.

Adding borders to flowers beds is another decorative touch that people add to their lawns. Borders can be made of stone, brick, wood, metal, or plastic. You will have to remember to keep these borders clean so that insects do not claim them as their territory. You should make sure that you put the border in straight so that it will line up with your house or the lawn.

When deciding on decorative touches, be sure to buy pieces that are complimentary and will add character to your lawn. Too much color will detract from your plants and flowers. Too little color and the lawn will appear washed out.

Be prepared to try different decorating ideas in your lawn until you find the right ones.

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lawn care

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