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Lawn Care - Decorating Your Lawn With Flower Beds!

lawn care


Flower beds are a great way to showcase your flowers, add vibrant color to your lawn, and keep flowers in certain parts of your lawn. Flower beds can be placed almost anywhere on your lawn. Some of the most common places include:

Along walkways
Along front of house
Side of house
In the center of the lawn
In the backyard
In planters
Around rocks

Any of these places will work and many people will have three or four flower beds depending on how large their yard is. When building a flower bed, you will need the following materials and equipment:

Small shovel
Small posts
Landscape fabric

You should aerate the soil and add fertilizer before planting your flowers. You should also give some thought as to the color scheme you want to create. Even though it may not be perfect as flowers can change their growth patterns, you should be able to group colors that you think will work for your lawn easily.

Once you have determined how your flowers should be planted, you should prepare the soil and plant them.

Choose mulch that is darker because this will make the color of the flowers stand out even more.

Flower beds can be changed each season in order to ensure flowers that will bloom each year. Perennial flowers will bloom in the spring, while annual flowers will bloom in the fall.

Using different decorating techniques such as planting flower beds, you will give your lawn many dimensions. This will add character and pizzazz.

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lawn care

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