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Lawn Care - All about Lawn Sculptures!

lawn care


Choosing a lawn sculpture

Lawn sculptures can be very attractive pieces of art for your lawn. There are many different varieties of sculpture you can choose from including:

Water fountains
Bird baths

Of course, unless you are an artist or happen to know one, you will have to order a sculpture from a factory or lawn sculpture supply shop.

While some sculptures can be expensive, you should create a budget and not go over when shopping. You will be amazed at the variety you will have to choose from. When shopping for a sculpture, you should keep in mind the size of your lawn, the types of plants and flowers you already have, and the types you want to plant for the fall or spring weather. You should bring a picture or two of your lawn in order to have a fresh image of it in your mind.

There are many ways to decorate using sculpture:

Make it the focal point of a certain area of your lawn

Surround it with flowers and plants so that it blends with the rest of the lawn

Group one or two sculptures together

Place bird baths and fountains in shaded areas

Use smaller sculptures near driveways and walkways

Vary the use of colored sculptures and concrete sculptures

Lawn Sculpture Maintenance

Caring for your lawn sculptures will depend on the materials they are made from. Lawn sculptures can be made of the following:


If choosing sculptures that will need to be stored away during the winter, you should be able to lift them easily or be able to cover them. Otherwise they may be ruined.

During the wintertime, you should look at your sculptures to see if there are any cracks or broken pieces caused by the rain or the snow.

While most lawn sculptures should adopt a certain ‘weathered look’, they should not be falling apart on your property.

Plastic and metal sculptures are usually the easiest to clean because they can be wiped off after a rain storm. Other sculptures will need extra care.

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