Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gardening - Leaf Blower Vacuums!


I came across this very interesting Article by Mike Ferrara at http://www.yardcare.com and recommend it to you. It deals with the unusual issue of Leaf Blower Vacuums and you don't need a big garden to want one!

Leaf Blower/Vacs: The Tool for Every Homeowner

by Mike Ferrara

The Tool for Every Homeowner
Toro Ultra BlowerVac

It's a fact of life. Even people who consider themselves a "Lazy Homeowner" need to accomplish things around the house. That's why I look for tools and techniques that make my household chores easier.

One such tool is a leaf blower/vac. No tool shed or garage is complete without one, especially in the fall. This versatile tool may even have you throwing your rake away.

When you get to your local home improvement store, you'll likely be faced with a number of choices. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you buy:

Many people assume that gas powered leaf blowers are more powerful than electric models. In most cases this isn't true. You can find just as much, if not more power in an electric model. And by purchasing an electric model you won't have to worry about messing around with gas and oil.

Look for a leaf blower/vac that is powerful enough to fit your needs. Will you be using the machine only to sweep up a sidewalk or deck, or will you be using it to take on the carpet of leaves your oak trees have left in the back yard? Knowing how you will use the blower/vac will help determine how much power you need. Many models come with variable speed features - perfect if you have both light and heavy-duty chores to tackle. Another key feature to look at is the machine's vacuum capabilities. Is it easy to change from blower to vacuum mode? Is the leaf gathering system easy to maneuver around the yard? Be sure to check out the blower/vac's ability to mulch or shred leaves. Mulching the leaves reduces their volume so they'll take up less space in your garbage bags. Mulching them also allows the leaves to break down faster in your compost pile. Some models reduce up to fifteen bags of leaves down to one.

Keep in mind that your new leaf blower/vac is also great for sweeping off your driveway, clearing out hard to reach spaces between trees and bushes, and cleaning out your rain gutters. It can get rid of cobwebs on your trellis and even air dry your car after it's washed. The possibilities are endless… kind of like your list of fall cleanup tasks.

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Article Source http://www.yardcare.com

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