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Maintaining Your Lawn - Quality Lawn Care!

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The importance of quality, regular Lawn Care cannot be over-estimated.

Whether you have used sod or seed, you will have to remember some important points about the proper maintenance of your Lawn.

Watering your lawn is very important. Be sure to do this a few times a day. If you do not have the time, you should consider buying an automatic watering system.

Weed your lawn at least twice a week. This will help your lawn stay healthy and will also protect the grass. If you notice that your grass is discolored in some areas, it could be because your grass is not getting the nutrients it needs because of the weeds.

Mow your lawn only when it needs it. If you mow your lawn too soon, you may notice bald spots and other problems. You have to give the grass time to grow.

Fertilize your lawn at different times during the year. This will help you lawn stay lush and green.

Check you lawn for thatch, compaction, and other problems. These are usually a sign of oxygen and nutrient deficient soil. Aerate your lawn during the fall and again during the spring.

Use weed killers that will not harm the grass.

Replace patches of sod if they have been removed due to heavy rain or flooding.

Use compost or mulch when fertilizing your lawn.

Rake up leaves during the fall instead of just leaving them. Insects and other animals may build nests if you do not pick up the leaves. Use the leaves to create mulch.

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