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Lawn Design - Choosing Plants and Flowers!

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This part of lawn design can be lots of fun, unless you are allergic to flowers and plants. Assuming you are not, it is time to visit the gardening center to pick out your new plants, flowers, shrubs, and more. While you can do this at any time during the year, you should plant the majority of your lawn plants during the late winter and early spring months so that they will have time to grow a little and settle into their new home.

The first time around, you should talk to the experts at the gardening center. Armed with your soil analysis report, your own personal preferences, and money, you should be able to get some straight answers quickly without having to read the backs of all the plants.

When choosing your plants and flowers, you should be concerned with color, height, and durability. Common plant and flower types include:

Shade plants
Perennial and Annual flowers
Moss plants
Climbing plants
Fruit trees
Mum plants

Be sure to find plants and flowers that will survive in your lawn’s soil. This is very important. If you do not want to spend hours trying to adjust the pH of your soil, buy plants that will adapt to it. This will also save you money. Many hearty plants such as mums and shade plants can survive in different soil types.

You should also consider the following:

Size of the lawn
Placement of plants
Region where you live
Other decorative ornaments Time

Size of the Lawn

The size of your lawn can determine much. You do not want to overcrowd your lawn with stuff. This is unattractive and will suffocate everyone who visits your home, not to mention the plants and flowers.

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