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Lawn Care - Removing Thatch!

lawn care


Thatch, like weeds, can grow anywhere on your lawn and is very unsightly. Thatch can prevent the growth of new grass because it will suffocate the grass underneath. This grass will die and add to the thatch.

While thatch will not migrate all over your lawn like weeds, it can be difficult to control and remove if it is not tended to immediately after being discovered. You should inspect your lawn in the spring and in the fall to see if there are any small piles on your lawn that could be thatch. You will notice:

Discoloration of grass
Increased bug activity
Presence of old grass
No presence of new grass
Tough to the touch

The best way to remove thatch is to buy a steel rake. You will have to rake not only the top layer of the thatch, but also underneath all the way to the soil. This is the only way to get rid of all of the thatch.

If raking will not help because the layer is too thick, you may need to rent a vertical mower that has big blades that are made for cutting through thatch and tall grasses.

Once you have removed all of the thatch, you will want to prevent new thatch from forming. Thatch forms in many cases because the soil is dry and lacking in nutrients. Aerating is the best way to prevent the return of thatch.

You should aerate your lawn in the spring and in the fall to prevent new thatch and also to keep the soil healthy.

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