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Lawn Tasks - June to August!

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June is a great time for your lawn. Your flowers and plants will be in full bloom, your grass will be green and lush, and you will have plenty of weeds to pick. Ain’t life grand?

In June, you should:

Weed your lawn at least two days a week

Trim back leaves on plants and shrubs

Mow your lawn when it needs it

Take care of thatch if necessary

Water the lawn

Add lawn decorations and other landscaping

Clean out corners, porch railings, seldom used sections of the lawn

June should be the month where you look around your lawn to see if anything needs mending. This can include:

Stone walkways
Dry creek beds

June is also the time when you should rid your lawn of debris, piles, and clean out your gutters, underneath the porch stairs, and in other areas. This will help you keep the insect population under control.

Be sure to wear gloves when removing old leaves and other debris because you never know whose home you may be disturbing.

After you clean out these areas, spray them down with insect spray. If you are experiencing ant or other insects, you should consider using an ant spray or hiring an insect removal specialist to help you.

June is a good time to complete these tasks because it is not too hot yet, so you can put in a few hours on the weekend and not have to worry about getting sun burn.


While July can still bring some rain, overall it will be hot. You will need to make sure that your grass does not burn during this time. Watering will be very important. In July, you will have to keep up your weeding so that the weeds do not multiply.

In order to create a lawn that looks great during even the hottest weather, you should perform the following tasks:

Plant shade plants in shady areas

Plant drought-resistant plants in open areas

Water the lawn daily

Weed the lawn

Mow the lawn

If you have a mole problem, buy traps to catch them

Reduce the number of mosquitoes with insect repellant

Use summer fertilizers

The end of July is a great time to buy plants that you will be planting in the fall. You can water them daily and keep them alive until the end of August or early September. You will save money buying these flowers at the end of the growing season.

Yes, you will have to keep weeding. But if you used landscape fabric, you should see a reduction of weeds around your plants and flowers. If you need to, you should replace the mulch with fresh mulch or compost. This will help keep your plants and flowers looking their best.

July is also the time when you should sit back and enjoy the work you have done so far. Your lawn should be shaping up quite nicely.


August is a hot month also, but toward the end it will begin to cool down slightly. During this time you may want to beginning planning for next year. Deciding where to put plants and flowers to deciding if you want to add new lawn decorations can also be done at this time.

In August, you should:

Trim trees

Trim plants

Trim weeds that are growing from between the concrete foundation or from sidewalks

Use summer fertilizer

Decide where to plant flowers and other plants for spring

Aerate if necessary

Weed the lawn

Water the lawn when it needs it

Mow the lawn

Use pre emergent herbicide if you have crabgrass

August is the time for planning. You will have to make decisions as to how you want your lawn to look once fall arrives. You should map out your plants and flowers, make sure you have plenty of mulch on hand, and make sure your grass is healthy.

During the fall season, you will no longer have to mow your lawn. While this is will save you time, you will still have to look after it. Remove thatch during the end of summer before you put pre emergent herbicide on your lawn.

If your lawn has patches of grass that are burnt or discolored, you may need to remove them and put down seed in order to grow healthy grass before the winter time as this grass could become thatch if is not taken care of. Thatch can cost you a lot of time if you are not reducing the conditions where it can thrive.

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