Monday, November 27, 2006

Insects and Animals on your Lawn - What to Do!

This is perhaps the part about lawn care that causes people to become ill or at least very upset. But let’s face it, the lawn is the great outdoors after all and there will be many creatures that occupy it. The number of insects, rodents, and other creatures will vary depending on where you live. But some common insects and others include:

small snakes

While you cannot destroy every living creature that inhabits your yard, you can help keep these creatures from destroying your plants and flowers. Many weed killers are also bug killers. Once you have determined which insects are eating you plants, you should be able to find a chemical solution to the problem.

You should approach some of these insects and small animals with caution, however. Certain species of spider are poisonous, while other insects can cause huge welts to form on your skin if you are not careful. And deer, well, let’s just hope you are never chased down the street by one! Your life flashing before you as you leap onto another person’s porch hoping the deer will keep on going.

Always year your gloves and do not touch snakes, small rodents, and other animals. You could run the risk of spending your Saturday afternoon in the emergency room instead of tending to your lawn.

In order to reduce the number of insects on your lawn, you should:

rake the leaves during the fall and spring and get rid of the piles immediately

clean gutters often

clean overhangs, porch railings, and lawn furniture

replenish mulch each year

mow the lawn when it needs it

These simple housekeeping tips will help you keep your lawn neat and clean while reducing the number of insects. Planting herbs such as rosemary and basil will help reduce the number of mosquitoes. Marigolds will help keep certain types of beetles away as well.

But some insects are good for your lawn. Help them stick around by planting Dogwood, butterfly weed, and Queen Anne’s lace. These plants will also attract butterflies and wild birds to your lawn.

While you cannot always pick your neighbours, you do have a little control over other types of pests. By planting flowers and plants strategically around your lawn, you will not only keep insects at bay, you will also enhance your lawn’s beauty.

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