Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ornamental Grass

Here is an article I came across about Ornamental Grass and the effect it can have in your Lawn Borders. Hope you find it as interesting as I did. terry
Ornamental Grass

"Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass of all types are quickly becoming one of the most popular way people are finding to add texture to their landscape. Ornamental grasses prone to growing taller can add to the background texture of your smaller plants, they can also:

1. Act as borders long sidewalks, walkways or driveways
2. Taller versions of ornamental grass can provide privacy
3. Create an exotic appearance

The different growth stages common of most ornamental grasses are beautiful to experience. In early spring, ornamental grasses will normally sprout early, drawing the eye to the beginning of rebirth. Swaying in the gentle spring breeze, ornamental grasses are a reminder of the warm weather soon to come, and remind us of the beautiful trees and flowers we will soon see.

As summer approaches, most varieties of ornamental grasses will develop flowering seed heads that add texture and beauty to any landscape bed. Some varieties of ornamental grasses have seed heads that are very colorful, such as the pennisetum orientale, or karely rose, that blooms rose lavender colored seed heads. There are varieties of ornamental grasses with no flowering seed heads that will add texture and beauty to your landscape, as well.

When fall begins, ornamental grasses will change colors as the ground begins to frost. As trees go dormant, and flowers die off for the year, ornamental grasses also take on the look of nature, until the ornamental grasses are nothing but bare stalks. At this point, ornamental grasses can be cut flush to the ground, to help promote early growth in the spring, or they can be left, to add to the look of your wintertime landscape.

When snow and frost arrives, the ornamental grasses stand out the most. Covered with ice or snow, strands of ornamental grasses are often froze over, creating a visual contrast with the snow on the ground. Even the shafts broken over from the weight of snow or ice add nothing but beauty to a winter landscape scene.

Whether using ornamental grasses as tools to add texture and form to your landscape, or if using them for borders or for privacy, they will add nothing but beauty during every season."

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