Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Lesson 8 - How to Mow Your Lawn!

Here is Lesson No. 8 in our "Learn about Lawns" Series.

How To Mow Your Lawn.

How short should you cut?

It is important to know, you should not cut more than a third of the lawn's current height. Cutting too much stresses the lawn. If your lawn is too tall to mow to the proper height, take off the top third and then finish the job a couple days later.

Different varieties of grass have different optimal heights. In general, longer leaves means they can absorb more sunlight, plus the ground is shaded resulting in retention of moisture. Refer to the chart below to determine the optimal height for your lawn.

Bahiagrass 3.0”
Bentgrass 1.0”
Bermudagrass 1.0”-1.5”
Buffalograss 2.5”
Carpetgrass 2.5”
Centipedegrass 1.5”
Fescues 3.0”
Kentucky Bluegrass 3.0”
Ryegrass 3.0”
St. Augustine 3.0”
Zoysia .75”-1.5”

How frequently should you mow?

During the growing season you will have to mow once a week. During periods of slower growth, every other week should be adequate.

If your lawn turns brown a day or two after mowing, you are either cutting too much off or your mower's blade is dull. A dull blade tears the lawn instead of cutting. Have the blade sharpened at least once a year. A dull blade weakens your grass and makes it susceptible to disease.

Mowing Tips

Never cut more than a third of its height
Mow the lawn when it is dry
Keep your mower blade sharp
It is better to cut too often than not often enough
Leave the lawn clippings on the lawn, they return nutrients to the soil
If your lawn has rust disease, clean the mower between mowings to prevent spreading

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