Monday, October 23, 2006

Lesson 3 - How to Re-seed Your Lawn

Lesson No. 3 in our "Teach Yourself about Lawns" Series.

Reseeding of bare spots in your lawn can be done most of the year. An ideal time is in the late summer or early fall. You shouldn't reseed if there won't be time for the grass to become established before the winter cold. Reseeding can be done to fill in a thin or brown patch of grass. Follow the steps below to reseed your lawn.

. First, remove all weeds, dead grass and debris from the area being reseeded.
. Loosen the soil to about three inches deep.
. Rake in some fertilizer to help nourish the seeds as they sprout.
. Wet the soil.
. Scatter the seed as recommended on the package.
. Gently rake in the seed; just enough to give it some cover.
. Lightly tamp the soil.
. To protect the seed, cover it with straw or netting.
. Keep the soil moist. It is best if you can water the seeded area twice a day

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